One Door Upgrade That Will Eventually Pay For Itself

One Door Upgrade That Will Eventually Pay For Itself

In last month’s newsletter, we discussed the “magic” behind how automatic doors know when to open for you. In this edition, we’ll go in-depth about why the small step-up to an automatic entrance is actually a giant leap forward for the image and efficiency of your business.

Customer Preference

Perhaps, the most compelling reason to upgrade to automatic doors is the fact that customers prefer them. Think about it; would you rather fight against the pressure of a heavy pneumatic door, or walk straight through an automatic door? According to consumer research conducted by the AAADM, 98.9% of consumers simply prefer automatic doors. This includes everyone from care-free millennials to grocery shopping, child-toting, carpooling super-moms.

Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive business climate, many times the difference between success and failure is customer service. Today’s customer is attuned to nuances in service like sharks are attuned to blood in the water. As both the first and final touchpoint between your business and your customer, the door is a much-overlooked extension of your customer service. It is literally the gateway to your establishment; make it as effortless as consumers have come to expect. The presence of an automatic door creates a good first impression that may improve a consumer’s perception of everything and everyone inside its threshold.


According to this article on the ADA National Network website, Americans with disabilities constitute the largest and fastest-growing minority in the U.S., and control over $1 trillion in total annual income. These people are consumers with family, friends, and colleagues that they often move around with. Properly implementing automatic doors provide them with convenient, ADA compliant access to your establishment. Don’t put yourself out of the reach of such a powerful and important customer base.


With sliding, swinging, and folding varieties, automatic doors can fit any aesthetic you desire. Doors can come with metal framing that is color matched to your business or with toughened frameless glass for high-end applications. For industrial applications, endless variations of standard and high-speed overhead doors are also available. Our company is particularly well versed in these applications.

Control/Remote Operation/ Monitoring

Today’s automatic doors are not just configurable aesthetically. With current technology, everything from opening and closing speed, to hold time, and reaction to obstructions can be tuned to suit the application. Management can open, close and lock down doors remotely, without having to be anywhere near the door itself. Selective access and opening and closing cycle counts, which facilitate traffic monitoring are available. Today’s automatic doors offer better overall control.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s climate controlled spaces lose vast amounts of energy right through the door. Automatic doors, with their tight, secure seals and efficient open/close cycles mitigate this. Some configurations such as automatic revolving doors or sliding doors with a vestibule drastically improve the retention of conditioned air. Factor in the energy efficient components of new automatic doors and you have a formidable upgrade.

When you consider all of the ways an automatic door can enhance the image, accessibility, and efficiency of your business, it’s clear that they are a cost effective upgrade. Well installed and properly maintained automatic can have long service lives and with over 50 billion safe automatic door openings and closings every year in the United States, automatic doors boast an exceptional performance record.

Our highly trained team of door professionals has been installing and maintaining doors in Florida for over 23 years. If we’ve got you thinking about installing a new set of automatic doors, contact us today at 877-509-DOOR (3667).