10 Super Helpful Tips and Tricks on Door Maintenance Worth Reading

10 Super Helpful Tips and Tricks on Door Maintenance Worth Reading

If home is somewhere you want to be at the end of the day, the gateway to it is through your door.

No kidding!

One of the most important part of any property, be it your home or your office, the door is one of the most ignored yet vital to your safety, security, privacy and the very existence. There is no house that hasn’t got doors, yet we tend to believe that they will take care of themselves. In fact, your front doors and windows are the only components of the building that link you to your environment and consequently, also get the most of the beating. Regular maintenance and care is necessary to keep them in working condition and ensure that your home is taken care of. Here are 10 door care tips that you should be aware of:

1. Just Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

The best way to checking the integrity of your doors is to just be alert and aware. Whenever you pass through, check whether the door is working smoothly and that there are no jerks and squeaks. Most times, we ignore these small faults, but it is only these that go on to create big problems (read expensive).

2. Regularly Tighten Hardware

The average front door of a house will be used over 1,000 times a year. That’s a lot of pressure on small mechanical parts that fix your door to the frame and allow for smooth movement. With time, the nuts and bolts get loose. Fortunately, for you, all you will need is a wrench and perhaps a screw driver every two months or so. Tightening everything back in place regularly will make the hardware more durable.

3. Test for Balance

A door that isn’t balanced always stands a chance of getting damaged and inoperable, especially if you have heavy mechanical ones. At the extreme case, the door might even break from the frame and you can easily imagine the cost of repairs. Regularly checking for the balance of the door comes with a little more attention when opening or closing the same. It is necessary that you call in a professional door care specialist in case things don’t seem right.

4. Check and Replace Broken Rollers

This is especially true for garage doors. Depending on whether your garage door works on nylon or steel rollers, it is necessary that you check for their integrity, once every two months. On average, garage rollers need replacement every seven years but you might also need to spend sooner. The extent of damage done depends on the frequency of use, greasing and the kind of climate you live in.

5. Check the Weather Stripping

Weather stripping generally runs at the base of your front door to ensure a proper seal when the door is shut. This also ensures that the stripping is constantly getting rubbed with the floor and comes in touch with dirt and dust. With time, they get brittle, crack and fall off in bits and pieces. You must ask for a complete replacement whenever there are signs of damage.

6. Apply Lubrication Regularly

Lubrication and greasing is the only way to ensure that the moving joints of the door aren’t stressed and work smoothly. Dry nuts and bolts are at greater risk of getting rusty and wearing out with friction. Whenever you get a chance, applying some lubrication all along the hinges doesn’t hurt. Lubrication also keeps the squeaky noises away.

7. Clean Out Dust

The door and windows are the only parts of the house that keeps the dust from entering indoors. However, over time, they collect a lot of debris, which goes on to eat away the material. It is necessary that you don’t just wait for spring cleaning but get your doors and windows cleaned (from the outside) whenever they seem dusty. Further, no guest would want to enter through a dust-laden door. Keep it clean for the sake of aesthetics too.

8. Once in a While, Check for Cracks

Over time, and depending on the quality of door material used, cracks are likely to develop across your door. Cracks also come with shocks and hits that you door might have taken in the recent past. It is advisable to not ignore the small dents and call in a professional door care and repair professional.

9. Give it a Coat of Paint

The best way to make your door weather proof is to scrub the old paint and add a new layer. This is also you chance to renew the décor and look of the house. Paint works wonders if you have always been worried about dampness, dust, wind, and snow. Some paints even come with UV protection that protects the door material, be it wooden or iron.

10. Replace the Lock Once in a While

Old locks are not the best devices to keep your home secure. Depending on the kind of lock you are using, it would be advisable to check its integrity and ask for a replacement. This should, however, be done with professional advice.

Taking care of your front door takes a lot of small lifestyle changes too. Things like not shutting the door too hard or being careful to not put a dent on the same go on to extend the lifetime of the door. A well functioning and good looking door not just establishes an aesthetic appeal but also increases the value of your home. It is the first thing that people notice about your home and consequently, you will need to be extra careful.