B&B Door Company - Miami Coast Guard's Trusted Door Company!

B&B Door Company – Miami Coast Guard’s Trusted Door Company!

We have provided unmatched door services to businesses across South Florida since 1986. We recently completed a project with the Miami Beach Coast Guard station, and we want you to know a few things about this recent project…

B & B Door Company is a locally owned and operated door company that has been serving business in South Florida for over 30 years. Over the years, we’ve worked with a long list of establishments, a list which now includes the Coast Guard Station in Miami Beach, FL. Highlighting some of the projects that have helped us gain the reputation we now hold of the most trusted door company in South Florida, is essential to establishing and building our client family.

We recently worked to replace over 30 rolling doors at the Coast Guard Station. This was a difficult project and took several months to complete. However we never fail to bring the excellence of a trained and qualified team backed by a high level of customer service.

The doors our team installed were all stainless steel, to better resist the salt environment that comes with the location of the station. We are proud to announce that the entire project was completed on time and went according to schedule.

We invite you to think of us for your next door project. We service, repair and install most types of commercial and industrial doors. We also have a maintenance program where you can schedule maintenance service depending on your needs. Consider us your local door professionals. Call us today at 305-594-1900 for a FREE consultation.