Bring the Outdoors In With Aluminum Glass Doors

Bring the Outdoors In With Aluminum Glass Doors

Garage and commercial door solutions can offer more to a building’s value than just a boost in curb appeal or increased security. The most interesting use is a little unconventional. Transitional spaces, or areas that blend the indoors and outdoors, have become an increasingly popular trend in construction. A full-view door can allow for flexible options for entertainment and infiltration of natural light. We have put together a few of our favorite reasons why you should consider implementing a transitional space with an interior full view door to your home or business!

Brighten Up Living Space

Natural light is known to open up a room and has become a highly coveted feature by homebuyers. Using natural light whenever possible can also help significantly cut electricity expenses, making windowed garage doors even more appealing.

Designer and photographer Kelly Moore used Overhead Door™ Aluminum Glass Door Model 521 doors to complete her dream “Barndominium.” Moore said, using Aluminum Glass doors was, “the best solution and the best bang for [their] buck” to fulfill her vision of creating a living space that was open to the outdoors and filled the home with ample amounts of natural light.

Justin Baldoni with his new Overhead Door™ Modern Aluminum garage door

Justin Baldoni, the leading actor of CW’s popular show “Jane the Virgin,” also chose to utilize a Model 521 garage door when he was looking to transform his garage into his personal sanctuary and home gym. Unlike Moore, who kept her garage door windows clear, Baldoni opted for windows that offered more in terms of privacy, without sacrificing any of the natural light he was seeking. Now during his workouts, he can enjoy the California sun without compromising the privacy of his home.

Evolve Indoor-Outdoor Functionality

Credit: Texas Tech

For commercial applications, companies can take a page from the book of Texas Tech University. Since the start of preseason practices in August 2018, the Texas Tech football team, a prominent member of the Big 12 Conference in Division 1 of the College Football Bowl Series, has been utilizing the Petersen Family Indoor Football Practice Facility. The facility is adorned with several Overhead Door™ Aluminum Glass Door Model 521 doors. When the weather is nice, the doors can be opened and the team can easily transition between the indoor and outdoor space for practice.

Upgrade Mixed-Use Space

Commercial Aluminum Glass Doors at Wildcraft Cider Works

Open-concept floor plans are becoming increasingly popular for restaurants and bars because they offer more flexibility for space utilization. Open layouts provide a restaurant or bar with versatility to close the space off for private events or remain open for larger parties.

When Wildcraft Cider Works, a brewery in Eugene, Oregon, decided to take their customer experience to the next level, they turned to Overhead Door Company of Eugene-Springfield™ to help lead the charge. The brewery installed Aluminum Glass doors along the balcony of the upper level, allowing guests to enjoy live music and an open atmosphere from the balcony area.

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