It's All in the Family!

It’s All in the Family!

Family businesses succeed because they’re based on more than just a financial gain, they are often times based on values that transcend more than just money and lead to higher levels of accountability, customer service and stable long term client relationships. At B&B Doors, we are all of that and more which has contributed to our success thus far. Installing and servicing commercial doors for South Florida businesses since 1986, we are very proud of the fact that we are family owned and operated.

According to this Family Business Institute Report, an astonishing 30% of family businesses only make it to the second generation. B&B Door Company is honored to be among that 30% with our second gen, Danny Balan, recently graduated from university and living his dream of working in the family business with his father Celso and mother Gladys.

“My father started the business about 25 years ago…. Over the summers I spent some afternoon hours with him, learning the industry, learning the business and I’ve become pretty familiar with it myself and I’m looking to take it to the next step.” – Danny Balan

Our business definitely has a family feel, but not just because of Celso, Gladys and Danny. In fact, employees and customers alike are made to feel like family and everyone benefits from the vibe and energy that comes with that level of commitment and service! Celso and wife Gladys have led the way for over 30 years in the door industry, and Danny who grew up learning about the industry beside them, is thrilled to be able to contribute to the reputation and growth of B&B Door Company. We pride ourselves on these values. If you’ve ever worked with us or are our client, then you know exactly what we mean.

We are unlike other companies in the industry that use subcontractors, our company is staffed with our very own experienced technicians who are highly trained to serve our clients. Being able to dispatch our own employees throughout South Florida allows us to give you faster, better and consistently a higher level of service than what you may find elsewhere. We service, repair and install most types of commercial and industrial doors. We also have a maintenance program where you can schedule maintenance service depending on your needs. So the next time you’re in the market for a commercial door servicing vendor, choose family-owned and operated over the rest!