New Line of High-Cyle, Rolling Springless Service Doors

New Line of High-Cyle, Rolling Springless Service Doors

We are excited to introduce our EverServe™ Springless Rolling Service Doors! EverServe™ is one of the industry’s first standard rolling door systems to feature a springless barrel design with integrated shafts and an extended 500,000 cycle life. The springless design builds on the proven construction of the Overhead Door™ rolling steel line, adding significant enhancements to provide 25 times the standard service door cycle life. The EverServe models are ideal for applications exposed to extreme weather, such as parking garages and manufacturing, pharmaceutical, warehouse and distribution facilities. The three models (610S, 620S and 625S) provide customers with high cycle performance, improved security and durability while delivering a reliable system, in addition to minimizing downtime with its ease of serviceability.

“Built on the proven construction of the Overhead Door™ rolling steel line, EverServe is a trailblazer among performance driven solutions— providing 25 times the standard door cycle life,” said Jennifer Castro, Rolling Steel Product Manager of Overhead Door Corporation. “The innovative springless design eliminates the need for a counterbalance, creating longevity and reliability over an extended time without incurring the cost of unnecessary spring replacements and downtime.”

The EverServe models open and close at speeds of up to 8 – 12” per second, making it ideal for satisfying a wide range of applications and environmental conditions. Additional key features include a floor-level controller for ease of access control, universal components for maintenance and a built-in braking mechanism to enhance safety.

The EverServe doors are offered up to 20’ x 20’ in a variety of slat options including steel, aluminum and stainless steel in curved, flat, insulated flat, perforated or fenestrated styles, and are available in four standard color options , – gray, tan, white or brown. The EverServe models carry a three-year, 500,000 cycle door system limited warranty.

Key features of the springless system include:

– Springless operation eliminating the need for a counterbalance

– Performance and functionality with minimum maintenance requirements

– 500,000 cycle life

– Universal components for ease of maintenance

– Floor-level controller for ease of access control and maintenance

– Direct drive integrated gear/motor/brake assembly; built-in braking mechanism provides additional peace-of-mind against uncontrolled curtain travel.

Model 610S Rolling Springless Service Door

springless rolling door for parking garage

The EverServe™ Model 610S is a heavy duty rolling springless service door that’s perfect for facilities that need a door that’s secure and one that will last a long time, is reliable and is easy to service. It’s high cycle springless design makes this rolling service door great for applications like parking garages, where the door is used often.

Model 620S Rolling Springless Service Door

rolling service door with no spring

If you’re looking for a springless rolling steel service door for an exterior application that has a long life-cycle and will protect against strong weather conditions then the EverServe™ Model 620S is the springless rolling service door for you. Since it utilizes a springless design, this door requires less maintenance and service overtime. The design of this door includes perimeter seals, which will help to protect the interior of your facility.

Model 625S Rolling Springless Service Door

insulated rolling steel service door with no spring

The EverServe™ Model 625S is a heavy-duty insulated springless rolling service door that utilizes a springless design like the Model 610S and Model 620S, making it another great option for a door that has requires less service overtime because there’s no spring used. This door model has insulated slats which makes it the ideal door for facilities in areas with extreme hot and cold climates.