Service Your Shutters Ahead of the Fast Approaching Hurricane Season

Service Your Shutters Ahead of the Fast Approaching Hurricane Season

Hurricane season occurs every year from June 1, 2019, to November 30, 2019. The likelihood of a hurricane or tropical storm developing increases in the months of August and September. Each year, about forty percent of all U.S. hurricanes make landfall in Florida. Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to property which is why it’s essential to take the necessary precautions. In Florida, both businesses and individuals use hurricane shutters to protect property from hurricanes and tropical storms.

Commercial operations throughout Florida i.e. Retail, medical, office, hospitality, automotive, etc. businesses in Florida use a variety of hurricane shutters over windows, doors, storefronts, entrances and other areas that are susceptible to damage during a storm. Rolling and accordion shutters give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a sturdy layer of hurricane and storm protection… if they’re fully functional. B&B Door Company is urging business owners and managers to have certified door experts come and perform preventative maintenance on all hurricane shutters to ensure they are fully functional before a storm hits. Throughout South Florida, B&B Door Company is trusted by many businesses and commercial entities to service and repair rolling and accordion hurricane shutters for all types of businesses in the region.

“We’ve found that throughout the years, sometimes a client will wait till the last minute, for example there’s a hurricane coming, and they have not operated those shutters for a long time, and will find out when they’re trying to close the shutters before a storm, that the shutters don’t even move or don’t work and so that’s why it’s important to have them serviced before that time comes so that when the storm is coming, they’ll be able to close their shutters.” – Celso Balan, CEO of B&B Door Company.

Hurricane shutters are utilized by a variety of businesses and not just those in aforementioned industries. Many property management firms have their resident and snowbird Floridians relying on rolling shutters to protect what’s behind their windows and doors. Schools, restaurants, stadiums and other businesses use hurricane shutters to keep debris from flying through their windows, glass doors or storefront windows. No matter what your hurricane shutters are designed to protect, you don’t want to wait until an emergency forecast to inspect your shutters. Contact an experienced technician to have them serviced before it’s too late. Also keep in mind that most firms are more available now, and based on the basics of supply a demand…having maintenance done early will save you time and money at a minimum.

Accordion and rolling hurricane shutters are the two most common types of commercial hurricane shutters. Their strength and durability provides excellent protection for many years so long as they are regularly maintained. A regular shutter maintenance service is vital for any business to protect employees and assets, avoid downtime and large loss scenarios. B&B Door Company does offer shutter maintenance services that are designed to ensure your hurricane shutters are fully functional and ready for the next storm and our experts are available to discuss your needs, if you are looking for a 2nd opinion on your hurricane shutter preparedness.

“We will operate the shutter, lube the shutters and adjust anything that needs adjustment. We will point out if there are any parts that are damaged that need to be replaced, and we’ll also do that upon the approval of the customer .” – Celso Balan, CEO of B&B Door Company

B&B Door Company offers maintenance for hurricane shutters to businesses across South Florida, even for shutters they didn’t install, for over 30 years. Trust our words of wisdom and be sure to consider your door and shutter maintenance early this hurricane season. These local door professionals can be reached at 305-594-1900 or