The Importance and Benefits of Fire Rated Doors

The Importance and Benefits of Fire Rated Doors

Doors play an essential role in homes and offices. They protect people from unwanted visitors and the elements as well as provide access to the different areas and places in a home, workplace and other types of settings. Doors come in various designs and sizes to accommodate the various needs that people have, whether business or domestic. Fire rated doors are among the most popular kinds of doors in the world today.

What are Fire-Rated Doors?

Fire rated doors resemble any other conventional door however they are constructed of extremely heavy materials like metal, steel, timber, gypsum, glass and vermiculite boards. Most fire doors are produced using a combination of the materials mentioned above. These doors mainly serve to delay the spread of fire or smoke from one compartment to another, when the doors are closed.

Fire doors are made to be fire resistant, thus they can hold back a fire for a certain period of time. The time period can range from twenty to ninety minutes depending on the quality of the fire door as well as the part of the building that is burning. Therefore, when there is a fire outbreak, you can be certain that your documents and all other items behind the fire rated door will be safe. The doors are tested independently for their fire resistance and by selecting the finest manufacturer, you are guaranteed of complete protection.

Aside from their ability to resist high temperatures, the majority of materials used in making fire doors are also corrosion resistant. This makes them more durable as well as suitable for the task for which they are made. In addition, they come replete with fire resistant steel bolts, hinges and seals, and most of these also have inner reinforcements to accomplish the desired results. Fire doors are constructed to extremely high standards thereby suiting every type of setting which they are to be utilized in.

You can opt for single or double doors however the type you select will depend on the purpose as well as the area wherein you intend to use the doors. Also, the doors are available in various door furniture options to suit other needs you may have. Most fire doors are coated with materials that increase their durability thus you can be certain that you will have a sturdy, fine-looking door that will last you a long time. These doors are practically break-in proof and you will certainly know once someone starts meddling with your door.

When you are in the market for a fire rated door, be sure to deal with only reputable suppliers. Also go for brands that are known for their quality and have been certified by the appropriate body. Prevention is always better than cure and thus installing fire doors at your home and office is always an intelligent option. However, bear in mind that in the event of an accident, depending completely on fire rated doors is not a prudent decision. Instead, ensure that you leave the building as quickly as you can for your safety.