When Is It Time to Replace Your Automatic Door?

When Is It Time to Replace Your Automatic Door?

Automatic doors are designed to last for years of use, so you can get a good return on your original investment. But, for one reason or another, even automatic doors need changing every now and again. So when might be it be time to consider automatic door replacement?

Expensive Repairs

If your door gets damaged you might find that the repairs costs are as much, if not more, than getting a replacement door. You are set to get more for your money with a new door as it will be updated with the latest features and technology advancements.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, automatic doors are designed for years of use. But, like anything else, they do get old. And with age can come problems of overuse.

When you find yourself regularly facing malfunctions, and need to get your door repaired more regularly than not, you are no longer enjoying the benefits of a reliably operating automatic door. So it’s probably time to switch it out for a new one.

And if the replacement parts needed to fix your door are no longer easily accessible, that is another sign that it might be time to swap in your old automatic door.

Changing Needs

Finally, if usage changes, you may need to replace your automatic door. Your doors need to operate optimally for their desired function. So if one of your entrances has to become an escape route, you may have to consider a whole new door to ensure high safety standards.

Equally, you might find that overall door condition or the appearance of your door no longer meet the standards or image of your building and it’s time for a change to meet your aesthetic expectations.

While we recommend keeping your doors well serviced to ensure a long and reliable lifetime, we also think it’s important to know when replacement parts are no longer the answer and it is time to replace your automatic door. This is so you can minimize the risk of accident or injury at your entrances and always enjoy great aesthetics and reliable operations.