Why You Should Choose a Sectional Garage Door

Why You Should Choose a Sectional Garage Door

If your business is in need of a new commercial/industrial door, a sectional door might be the perfect fit. A sectional door is made up of separate sections rather than a single panel. Sectional doors are perfect when space, thermal efficiency or window space are factors of concern. These types of commercial/industrial doors can offer the following benefits to you and your business

Ease of Use

Sectional doors are easier to operate than some traditional door systems. The vertical tracking and spring-loading also ensure the doors can be operated very smoothly with manual operation, as well as with a remote control opener. They also do not require door frames which allows larger commercial vehicles to pass through the opening.


Sectional doors are stored overhead when opened. The door travels through a track with a tight curve at the overhead point. This allows you additional space to park at the door, also, the tight track system enables you to use the interior wall and floor storage right up to the door opening. Traditional and conventional doors require vehicles to be parked at a distance from the door to allow for opening and closing, with ‘up and over’ doors prohibiting interior storage space with its open and close arc.


Sectional doors can be outfitted with interior and exterior finger pinch protection. The springing system operates high up on the tracking mechanism and automatic drives are tamper proof with built in safety cut-off. The multiple track rollers with which these doors are equipped hold them very securely in their tracks, whereas the key-operated locks utilize solid locking rods, working in conjunction with the solid panels to hold the door very securely.


Sectional doors offer excellent insulation, which can boost your building’s energy efficiency and might mean cost savings. The natural light and visibility of sectional doors allows you the opportunity to reduce lighting costs, while possibly increasing communication and productivity among team members working inside and outside.

Sectional doors are a beautifully engineered, cost-effective and high quality option. They are available in a variety of options. At B&B Door Company, we have over 30 years of experience professionally installing and repairing sectional doors for our commercial/ industrial clients. Please contact us for all your door needs.